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All products are of the same field; however, they are all individual in their own right. Kepler, Callisto, Marina and Carina; the addition of space and time orientated names are a reflection on the products timeless design and limitless engineering. Each range serves multiple purposes and provides the highest of standards throughout the entire Metlex brand.


For coordinated accessory solutions the Carina, Callisto, Mariner and Kepler ranges offer a selection of easy to fit wall mounted products in a selection of finishes. From easy to fit wall mounted accessories to straight, drop down and angled grab rails the collections demonstrate that incorporating essential items into a commercial environment can be simple to do. The wider Metlex collection includes Grab Rails, Wire-ware, Showering Accessories, Inclusive Products, Cabinets, Mirrors, Bins and Soap Dispensers. The pieces are traditional in design and finish to ensure they can be easily incorporated into both new and already established environments.